When We Collide - A.L. Jackson 5 beautiful, heartbreaking stars!Review to come soon, but for now meet:Maggie"I’d never known what home meant.To me, it’d been a prison, a place I longed to escape. A place where horrors were harbored, concealed behind closed windows and lies.”“Had I been marked for this life before I was born? Fated before time to suffer at the hands of the ones who were supposed to care for me? Or was it the choices I had made that led me here? Did one fatal mistake send me on a collision course, or was this simply a consequence of a lifetime of naivety and fear?” William “Sometimes I wished I could erase the mark she’d left on me, that I could finally be free of this ache. Another part of me held onto it because it was the only thing she’d left me with. The only thing I had to prove that what we’d shared had been real”