Do Us Part (The Dumont Diaries, #4) - Alessandra Torre Loved these miniseries! I read [b:The Girl in 6E|16225648|The Girl in 6E|Alessandra Torre||22213300] a few months ago and this author really caught my attention with her unique style of writing.Having just finished another series and feeling very depressed I desperately needed something to get me out of the book funk. And then Alessandra Torre and The Dumont Diaries started popping up on my GR feeds. Not wanting to dwell much on my TBR shelves I acted on impulse and 1-Clicked all four books! Well, let me tell you I am very glad to have trusted my instincts. The Dumont Diaries are a quick, hot and entertaining read with the right amount of suspense and I loved the style of writing, exactly what I needed.I have highlighted my favorites parts, especially on the third and fourth book but I didn't want to quote any just in case it ruined and spoiled the plot.I hope you pick these up and enjoy them as much as I did.