What a Boy Wants - Nyrae Dawn Disappointed. Not what I thought it would be. It would have been interesting but somehow I didn't care for the main character and his "drama". I can't just put my finger on what failed this book. It didn't keep me engaged, I kept re-reading the sentences and tried to put myself in "their shoes " but the inner rumblings and repetitions were too distracting. The characters were flat and the storytelling not compelling enough. I didn't sympathise with Sebastian, didn't get to know much the rest of his best friends either. I somehow guessed where this was going to so the plot didn't keep me guessing. I really wanted to like the book and I feel bad to having to write a bad review. I have bought the second book but don't feel like starting it yet. I will try in few weeks and hopefully it would be better. Hopefully I'll have a better experience and in that case I might come back and change the review.