C.E.O of Parenting and Domestic Services - Lana Davison Written in the form of Diary/ Sunday Paper Column, this book is full of humour and follows the day to day domestic life of Anna, a stay at home mum of two children, Joe 10-11 and Janie 8-9. Almost every stay at home mum will identify with Anna, from the usual banter with hubby: "What did you do all day?" to struggling to make your children listen and acknowledge you, dealing with body issues, age related or not, surviving the day to day chores in a busy family. The style is lighthearted and humorous and whilst following Anna's attempts to get back into working force without compromising the work life balance, you get that warm feeling like you know the author and she's just sitting opposite you with a big steaming cup of coffee and chatting about daily life.Worth Noting!Certain parts recommended for husband study material! Especially the first chapter enlisting the day to day chores from the first minute the alarm goes off to the last one going to bed!