In Flight (Up In The Air, #1) - R.K. Lilley In Flight3.5 stars!SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!I'm not going to talk about the similarities with FSOG, in fact they didn't bother me at all and am aware that this is not the first and definitely not the last book about possessive billionaires with kinky appetites.Meet James Archibald Basil Cavendish, The Third.After a business meeting on one of the first class flights, he finds himself attracted to Bianca, a flight attendant. She doesn't do dating and the only male companionship she's allowed herself is that of Stephan, a closet gay whom she's knowing since her early teen years. In fact these two are thick as thieves and I was touched by their strong bond. He's more like a brother to her and a very likeable character. So going back to Mr Billionaire, or James by his insistence, but he is so mercurial we can't decide on what to call him anymore, so as his mood changes so does his name, Mr Beautiful, Mr Charming, Mr Personality, Mr Mercurial, Mr Affectionate, Mr Wonderful, Mr Duplicitous, Mr Withdrawn ...and so get the gist.So anyway, on one particular nightly flight that he has suddenly started taking, despite his private jet, he approaches Bianca expressing his interest in her. Of course, Bianca refuses to take his offer on meeting for coffee, lunch whatever, regardless of the little fumble they just had in the galley. Don't get me wrong, she is very attracted and intimidated by him. But what you don't know is that at 23 she's still holding tight to her V- Card.Anyhow after some drunken behaviour(she hasn't had a drink for at least two years!!!) and some minor resistance she finally falls for his charm.So, how do you charm yourself into a virgin's pants? Well in Mr Irresistible's own words:He leaned down to my ear. “I’m going to ruin you,” he breathed. “I’ll be your first, and I’ll fuck you so thoroughly that I’ll be your last, too. You won’t want any other man after I’ve gotten my hands on you. Every last inch of you.” Oohhhhh.....what do you say to that?!!!!You say that to a virgin and she's gonna put a restraining order on you and you'll end up handcuffed and not in a kinky way before you can say HYMEN!!!But no, his charm is unstoppable and few days later this is what he comes up with next:"I’m going to tie you to my bed and take your hymen. I can’t seem to think about anything else,” he told me quietly. “Tell when I can see you again.”Naturally our virgin doesn't run for the hills, but she complies and so her first time is very satisfactory for both of them. Let me tell you that there were nipple clamps involved, vigorous lovemaking followed by various earth shattering orgasms... In fact I lost count how many O's did Bianca have in a span of 24 hrs. I would have let this pass had she'd been a seasoned sex pro but it would be unbelievable even in a fictional world. She must have been a bitch in heat hahahaha...Or maybe I just underestimated Mr Cavendish.So as the story goes on, and am using the term story very loosely, they meet, they chat a bit, he tries to show his dominance, she tries to show her submission, they learn a bit about each other but mainly they just have non-stop sex, slightly kinky or not, but Mr Cavendish not only is capable of keeping it up and getting there straight after he just released himself he is also a master of O's. And how does he do it? Well by straight command. Confused? Here's few examples:“Come, Bianca, now,” he ordered, and his order worked as a trigger”and next time they meet:"Come, Bianca.” He breathed the words into my core. I did come thenand the next....“Come,” he ordered me, and just like that, that all-consuming passion swept over me, my core rippling with an intense orgasm, my inner muscles clenching him impossibly tight.”and again....“Come, Bianca,” he told me roughly as the fervor took me”and again....“Come,” he told me, stroking my clit with a talented finger.”And again... "Fucking come,” he said between gritted teeth, as his head fell back with his own release.” Yes, the last one was slightly different, but still an order.So how does he do it? Have you got his secret yet? YES! He just orders you to come!! See, very easy and all in a day's work for those billionaires!!! So on an ending note:YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND MR CAVENDISH!" Here I come!"