Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror) - Karina Halle D'ARCY ISLANDAre you ready for your adventure? Beautiful island isn't it?I bet you won't think it looks so good in the dark!And so we continue to follow Dex and Perry's experiments, or should I say terrors in this island. This is not an idyllic place, definitely not your best camping spot. Unless you're used to and wanting to be attacked by ravaging raccoons, rotting lepers and vindictive ghosts. After all this is not an ordinary island, as one of his long lost residents said:"Where are we?”“This is the Island of Death. This is purgatory. This place has a dark soul of its own. And it will drown you in its depths.”There is a sad story linked to this place, and as Dex and Perry struggle to unravel it, it soon becomes very clear that it is not going to be an easy journey. Not when they're fighting with their feelings, their pasts, the new complications in Dex's relationship, harbouring mistrust for each other and finally trying to understand and keep their sanity in check. Regardless how hard they try soon this place becomes impossible to escape.“My watery grave.I swallowed hard, feeling my world jar wildly with the incoming waves. I was in a coffin, set adrift in the sea.“Your ship has come in.” A man’s voice echoed inside my head.”Yes, the ship has come in, but can you leave?