Red Zone - Sherri Hayes 3.5 StarsGage Daniels is a pro football player, good looking, with a reputation of a ladies man. He's been receiving letters from a stalker and the owner of his club felt the need to call a favour from one of his old friends Travis Hansen, a retired FBI agent, who incidentally used to be Rebecca's ex-partner. Rebecca Carson is a straight laced FBI agent, single and devoted to her job. She's been on leave from her job after her last assignment went wrong. Not used to hanging around and doing nothing, she's bored to death and jumps at the offer to go and give Travis a hand.There is more than just anonymous letters and the situation is more serious than Gage thinks, but he is kept in the dark, the reason being that the owner of the club doesn't want him to get stressed because that would have an impact on his performance at the games.So the natural solution is for Rebecca to move in with Gage and pretend to be his girlfriend. She has already read his file and combined with her preconceived ideas about the football players she's quite wary of him, not that she's looking for a relationship.Relationships are a strange notion when it comes to Rebecca. From her waking hours, to fitness running, her wardrobe, all are planned in minute detail. Everything is controlled and precise in her life, there is no spontaneity. She feels that by doing so she can have some control and therefore stability, not a surprise when considering her background. Gage is confident, with somehow on a cocky side attitude. He isn't impressed with Rebecca moving in with him, he's used to living on his own and regardless of his various encounters with ladies he never had brought one at his place. In fact he hasn't had a girlfriend since high school. He finds Rebecca attractive but most of all a challenge. He's used to the girls throwing themselves at him but this Special Agent not only is not falling for his charm but she is in charge of looking after him and protecting him. That doesn't bode well with a man's ego. She is so different from his usual type, she's pretty and has a good figure but hides it all under unflattering clothes. She thinks her wardrobe is practical (well a FBI girl has to hide her gun somewhere) and professional, after all she's here on a job and not to party, not that she's done much of that lately.Both are attracted to each other and each deals with it in different ways, it just makes for embarrassing moments and an entertaining story...and so the fun begins. The story was told by both POV. I must admit I liked Gage's POV better than Rebecca's, he was fun and I really liked the way he started to chip off her hard exterior and not be afraid of his feelings.Her excuses and reasoning for not being with Gage were grating on me a bit, at first it was understandable but later it just got annoying. She did get to know him better after spending so much time together and she gets the chance to see him in a different light. She appreciates that he's a hard worker and loyal to his friends and family.The sexual tension did build up nicely, all thanks to Gage and I'm not talking just about his gorgeous physique here. He used every single opportunity to get close to her and rattle her cage with innuendos.But despite the hot scenes and the build up before them there was something missing, what exactly I dunno...I think the pace of the book picked up when her sister Megan arrived. That brought some more life and changed the dynamics and that's when the story started flowing for me.As per the whodunit , that was predictable quite early but I was still interested enough to see what the stalker would do next and how would be caught.I thought the ending was a bit abrupt. I really would have liked to see these two interacting now that the feelings were out in the open. Overall it was an enjoyable read.ARC copy provided by The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House via NetGalley