Color of Forgiveness - Madeleine Beckett Review to come soon!WANT, NEED THIS BOOK NOWWWW!!!!! He picks up her hand and brings it up to his chest over his heart. She looks up at him as he looks down at her, his eyes shiny. “I need to tell you sumpin’. This,” he whispers as he presses her hand against his chest, “is yours. My heart. It’s all yours. My heart, well, it loves you, but it hurts. I don’t know how to make it stop. It just hurts all the time, ya know?”Myra nods, tears filling her eyes. “I know,” she whispers back. “I wish it didn’t hurt.” She rubs the spot over his heart, wishing she could take his pain away.“Me too,” he whispers as a tear spills down his cheek. “I’m scared.”