Old Blood - Karina Halle “They say your life flashes before your eyes but mine didn’t flash. It crept along slowly and I was forced to relieve all the pain and the few fleeting moments of glory.” This is Pippa's story, told from her POV, a life story filled with sadness, unfulfilled dreams, so much love given and not received and how choices we make change the path of not only our future but of those dear to us. “Either way, I died with an aching heart for the things I suffered through and the things I loved. In the end, it’s all the same.In the end.” Creepy Clown Lady, my heart hurt for you, I shed tears reading your story and am glad I liked you and trusted you from that first time you made your appearance.There are quite a few answers for all those questions raised in the previous books...pieces of puzzles falling into place, some suspicions proved right but others still remain. Very interesting to see how Dex and Perry will continue now that they've got all this knowledge. “Are we mentally different because we see ghosts or do we see ghosts because we are mentally different?” So I guess, I'm off on to the next one.