Never Too Far - Abbi Glines 3.5 stars After waiting for months for the release of this book I felt cheated and disappointed. Blaire seemed to have changed her personality, gone was the girl who looked after her ill mother and took care of herself. Everyone seemed to take the role of her protector, Cain, his grandmother, Bethy, Woods, Rush, the list goes on.I felt confused with Cain, I thought the guy genuinely wanted her back in his life and his actions just baffled me. There wasn't an explanation for it just maybe a means to bring Blaire back to Rosemary perhaps.I liked Woods in this book, he grew on me but after reading the bonus material, I was left with questions about his motives.Bethy, another one who has changed, instead of the her usual ditzy self she's now capable of dishing good advise.Grant, there was a part in the book where I couldn't understand what he was up to but nothing was said anymore and left unexplained. Rush was hot as ever and it did help that the book was told in dual POV. He did his best to get Blaire back, he made promises that she'll always come first but when Nan ended up in hospital he was quick to break these promises and left Blaire standing on her own in the middle of the night after shouting at her to get out of the car! And then after refusing to call and check up on her in fear or being disloyal to Nan?!!!In fact the only person staying true to herself was Nan.There were a lot of inner ramblings and self doubting from both Blaire and Rush, which soon got old and annoying and I thought were used to add unnecessary drama, fill the pages perhaps. The twist with Abe's story didn't explain his behaviour in the past and I couldn't see how it would bring Rush and Blaire together. I felt that unless more was said it could have been a chance for mending the father daughter bond but the way it was left it just didn't do much, you could easily take it or leave it and not change anything. The only thing it did was bring some insight into Rush's childhood, but not enough.The lack of the epilogue and the knowledge that now there is a third book for Blaire and Rush' story, makes me think that this book should have been better condensed in few chapters and included in the first one. There 's going to be a Woods book, a Grant book. Now the question is: Is the third book really necessary?