The Girl in 6E - 4.5 stars! Just finished reading and my mind and my emotions are all over the place.This book wasn't what I expected it to be. It took me a while to get into the rhythm of it but once it got going there was no stopping. I couldn't put it down and here I am trying to write about it at 1am. All I can say is that it's clever and kept me intrigued for the most part of it.To sum it up in one sentence: A different take on Avenging Angel! Who was saved or who was avenged? I'll leave it to you to draw that conclusion. “I had been alone so long, scared of myself and for myself, so deprived of so many freedoms. His hug broke me, broke every wall I had built, dam I had constructed, and weight I carried.”-----------“He stood when he saw me, his strong arms reaching for me and crushing me into a hug—a hug that I didn’t want, and didn’t need, until the moment I was touched.”