Price of a Kiss - Linda Kage 4.5 stars!“He wrapped strong warm fingers around my wrist and drew my palm forward, leading me where he wanted my hand to follow. When he set it on the center of his chest, right over his heart and pressed my flesh flush to his as if fingerprinting my soul to his, I blinked back gratified tears.“Start here. No one’s ever touched me here before.”-------------------------“You’re the warm sun that shines when everything else is dark,” he went on, lifting his hands to rest them against the wall on either side of my face. “A smile and a hug in a roomful of disapproval. You’re…” Wincing, he pressed his forehead against mine. “You’re everything.”------------------------“I was in love with him.Dear God.I was in love with a gigolo.It was crazy insane; I was fully aware of that. But this was Mason.”