Lying Season

Lying Season - Karina Halle 5 SWOONY! HEARTBREAKING! WELL DESERVING STARS!What a roller coaster! I'm lost for words but I can just say that I'm in love with Dex and I have a great admiration for Perry. She's my heroine, I've got a girl crush, yes, I just said it, Perry Palomino you rock! "“He was looking at me like he never had before. His dark brown beautiful eyes that were so familiar to me had suddenly changed. There was another layer there, this one filled with things I didn’t dare dream about. Longing, passion, lust and intensity. I wondered how sudden the change was. Maybe he had always looked at me like that and I was only just noticing.” "We were at Riverside, the mental house of horrors. The sign at the gate said, “Your well being is our well doing.” Worst slogan ever!