Wanderlust - Skye Warren 4.5 stars I loved the writing style, it flowed so effortlessly I read it in one sitting. This book wasn't just about discovering new places, meeting new people, above all it was about discovering yourself, your strengths, your fears and overcoming them. This book was about FREEDOM! Becoming free not only physically but emotionally as well. In the process of pursuing her dreams Evie learned the true meaning of life and happiness. I have highlighted the best part of the book, but I feel compelled to include this quote as I believe it captures best the metamorphosis of Evie: “I was a caterpillar, my many limbs held tight to my body, wrapped up in a cocoon. He paved the way, eased me from a small and ugly life to a beautiful one. The transition had been painful at times, but never more than it would be to leave him. But that was the path of a butterfly—to fly away from the one who had made her.” When Hunter first laid eyes on Evie, she was watching the sunset. He saw the innocence in her and something else. While she was enjoying the sunset, so impressed by it and so thirsty for similar experiences, something so simple and taken for granted from most of us, that was the moment he wanted her, wanted her to be his and wanted her to be part of him. A part perhaps that he lost years ago and unknowingly wanted it, needed it back. He clang onto her as if unconsciously knowing that she was his saviour, he called her Sunshine. “And then I realized we aren’t all human, at least not the way we were supposed to be. Sometimes our soul dies and then we’re just…muscle and bone walking around, with no purpose, no morals to contain us.” These were two broken people, in different ways but both trying to break free from their personal cages, prisons. This book was about second chances. It took another broken soul to understand him, to see him for what he was, to see the good still deep inside him. “He wanted to be this way, crazy and mean and awful. But he wasn’t really. It was a struggle for him as much as I had struggled to be a good little girl in that house.” And then comes the issue of trust. “You trust me not to break you?” he whispered.” Trust such a powerful word. Yes, he did trust her, he spoke to her about his demons, undoubtedly the first person he confided to after losing faith. But for Evie, understandably trust was very hard to come. “Evie,” he said in a cajoling tone. “It’s amazing. Trust me.”“I don’t trust you,” I said automatically, knowing it to be a lie.“It feels like flying.”“Not very well, I guess, since you fall.”“Yeah, but first you soar.” I personally think this was the moment when everything changed course for Evie and she was aware of it, but things changed for Hunter as well, he was enjoying life in a pure form and what better way than seeing things through Evie's eyes. Her hunger for exploring and living new experiences was contagious and little by little brought the faith back to him, faith that he lost when he most needed it. “He looked back, his gaze hard. “I didn’t scream, Evie. I prayed.” And he learned it the hard way that if you wanted something, even surviving you had to surpass fears, you had to believe in yourself and your strength. “It isn’t muscles that make you strong. It’s how much you want it.” And then comes fear, I felt it real through the pages and as Evie said: “just smelled the fear in the air. It was something I’d learned in my time with Hunter, that fear had a primal scent, a universal sign to get out while you still could.” When she comes to realisation, she saw the goodness within him, she recognised his cry for help, his cry for forgiveness, that is the moment when she realises what she has been looking for, what she has been missing. “The falls were both more beautiful than I could have imagined—and yet meant so much less. They were rock and water, not meant to be anyone’s salvation. Not like flesh and blood.” How do I feel about the ending? Was I happy with the choices they made? Was it right or was it wrong? But then again, who am I to judge them, as Evie so well said it: “I’d found in Hunter a kindred, broken soul. We didn’t fit in with the rest of society and never really would—but neither did we deserve to be locked away or abused for our issues. We hadn’t asked to be this way. All we wanted now was to live in peace.”-------“He was my ship in a tempestuous sea. I was the talisman he kissed before a storm. Even distracted and discontent, he always kept me close.”------“All I wanted was to be with Hunter wherever his rig should take us. Across the country, around the world.Like chasing rainbows and capturing each one in the smile it gave us.”