the proposition

the proposition - Katie Ashley 4.5 starsLoved, loved these two. Emma was a likeable character, she knew her mind and was down to earth. Aidan, oh WOW, what can I say, he was hot and a player. He tried hard to maintain his illusion of a hard to nail down man, a playboy and in for a good time. But little by little we saw flashes of a good heart or a "gold heart" as Emma calls it. It was funny to see these two playing it cool and acting like adults and trying not to have any feelings for each other. And try hard they did, to treat the whole thing as a business proposition, and it started like one, but we were not fools. We could see from the beginning that there were sparks and chemistry between them. The dialogue between them was funny in fact the best part of the book was very funny and I couldn't wipe the stupid grin on my face whilst reading, a bit difficult while out reading in public. At the beginning I was worried that Emma would fall hook, line and sinker and would hurt herself bad, but it was amazing to see how strong she was, and very smart.You would have thought with her pregnancy hormones she would be emotional and a wreck, needy and clingy, but hey not our heroine! In fact very patiently she managed to chip little by little that hard protective wall of Aidan. She knew that Aidan was a good guy, despite the initial apprehensions and her good instincts were right. In fact in a way she "mothered" him which bashed my initial worries that she was not ready to be a mother. Emma's friends: Casey, Nathan, what can I say I liked them, not Connor so much though and still have got my issues with him, mainly him spilling the beans to Aidan on that first encounter by the lift. What the heck, what his best friend was going through is a personal and very private thing, you don't just go and blabber to someone you don't know, especially to your best friend's co-worker, I think he got off quite easy, if it were me I would have killed him! What I would have liked though was maybe a bit more about both main characters, physical appearances and perhaps how they appealed to each other. What did they find so attractive in each other, just a thought… it could have helped with visualising them better…But don't get me wrong, these two were hot together. I can't wait of the sequel, I'm sure that Aidan would have to do some serious grovelling to get back into Emma's good books and her life, but somehow I look forward to it, in fact I can't wait. I do like it when men reach deep into their emotions, recognise for what they are and try their best to fight for what is worth. Aidan is not the first and sadly not the last man to get cold feet and behave badly. Oh and I think I should mention that I didn't like his so called male friends, interfering in his love life. God I do hate these types and unfortunately I have come across few of them in my life… As Becky, Aidan's sister said so well " Whoever said men are dogs missed the mark. Beau's got true loyalty"…But I do have good faith in Aidan "She's not my wife… yet, Aidan replied, his voice hushed"Even though it ended in a cliffhanger this was a quick, easy and funny read and I do recommend it to anyone.