Until I Break

Until I Break - M. Leighton 3.5 stars Just finished the book today and I liked it, didn't love it.Hum...where do I start? I liked the idea of author meeting one of her fictional characters in real life and having that instant connection. There's mystery surrounding them both, she's got a dual persona, that of the author in the public eye and her own personal one and she tries hard to keep them separate. He's very intriguing and somehow able to see and read her. There's is a twist in the story that I didn't expect and considering that I actually I'm quite good at predicting these sorts of things I was pleasantly surprised, but somehow I needed more and the way it progressed wasn't satisfying enough. I don't know what exactly this book lacked, I struggled with the writing style in places and coincidently is the second book by the same author that I struggled with this month. The other one [b:Fragile|13563050|Fragile|M. Leighton|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1332879541s/13563050.jpg|19139048] published April last year is on hold and the first book ever that DNF.I noticed today that the author is pulling the book and to quote her : "I'm pulling the book from publication. It will no longer be available in any format from any source after tomorrow."Unfortunately because of this I felt a bit apprehensive posting a review. I only became aware of what was going on when I was checking what other readers thought and if I was missing something, after all it has been highly rated by my friends. What I came across is that apparently some readers found the book dark and that didn't sit well with them. Well that wasn't a problem for me, the problem I had was the writing style and that the characters, their issues and personal struggles should have been explored more. The book could have been so much more, much deeper, angstier, hotter.So, in short I think the book should be re-written, it has got a great potential.There is a frenzy now amongst my friends here on GR to go and get the book before is pulled out. Huh, dunno...maybe I'm just being my usual sceptic self, but reading author's reasons behind her decision to stop the book despite the high ratings in Amazon and GR, mainly the readers not understanding the characters and finding the book too dark, methinks its all a ploy to make the book popular and raise its awareness, same as banned songs, books etc... After all everyone is rushing to get the book before is gone!PS I loved Bad Boys series and will continue reading other work from this author, in fact if this book is re-done I will give it another try without any hesitations.PSS I liked the main characters and cared enough about them, I just needed more insight into their journey. I really hope that M. Leighton doesn't give up on their story, after all she owes it to Sam and Alec.