All Over You (Devoured, #0.5)

All Over You - Emily Snow This short novella is about how Sienna and Lucas met.I don’t do . . . dates . . . often, but I want this with you.” “Why?” I whisper. “Because,” he says, a thoughtful look forming on his handsome face, “I want you for dessert.”Lucas doesn't disappoint, he is very intimidating and hot as ever. Poor Sienna, she hasn't got a chance in hell! “I won’t hurt you.” His breath caresses my earlobe, my neck, and my bare shoulders. When he pulls back, the corner of his mouth is upturned. “At least not in a way that won’t make you come all over my bed.”Reading this short story we get to know a bit more about Lucas, but not much. His list of regrets was a nice touch and combined with his POV it kind of explains his attitude and actions in the first book. But still , regardless of the few glimpses we were given, there are lots of unanswered questions and I need to know them all NOW!I'm left wanting, needing more Lucas Wolfe!Can't wait for Consumed! I guess a reread will be in order.