The Reluctant Dom

The Reluctant Dom - Tymber Dalton,  Lesli Richardson What can I say? Finished this book last night. It's my first book written by this author and the only reason I decided to read it was because it was recommended here at Goodreads.I'm very dissapointed with it and annoyed that I spent time reading it. Can't remember where but it was compared to Fifty Shades! Fifty Shades is a joy to read, enthralling, eye-opening, emotional, clever, witty ... I could go on forever.The Reluctant Dom is heartless, emmotionless, clinical, the style of writting and story telling is almost dettached. I did not feel sorry for neither of characters. The repeated sentence,in almost every page "Kaden's dying" didn't make me sympathise with Seth, instead I found it very distracting.I didn't find the characters connected with each others emotionally or mentally and this is the biggest problem. We were told that they all had this connection, that they loved and understood each other, but I found it very hard to believe. Shame really because the storyline is there and it could have been a good book.