What A Boy Needs

What a Boy Needs - Nyrae Dawn Despite my initial reluctance I started reading this book and I'm glad I did. This book is a big improvement from the first one. We get to know more about Jaden, it's his story after all. His character and that of Pris (Priscilla) are better developed than Sebastian and Aspen's in the first book. Jaden grew on me, I understood him and I was rooting for him to work out his insecurities and friendship/romance issues. Priscilla was a strong person and and I was happy she didn't give up on him. The author put more work on this book making the story and the characters more believable. There were a few snagging things, at times (not very often though) it felt as it was Sebastian talking/thinking and not Jaden, but maybe that was because those two have been friends for a long time and maybe Jaden aspired to be like his best friend. Another thing was when Jaden was referring to Sebastian's parents Courtney and Phil!!??, this happened a few times. I thought Courtney got married to Roger, did anyone else spot this mistake?I did enjoy reading this book and I liked the ending very much. I'm very happy for Jaden that he finally found himself and he got what he deserved for a long time, the knowledge that he is worthy of his friends' love and of an exciting future involving his friends, his newly found dad and starting the college.