Leave Me Breathless (Ross Siblings, #3)

Leave Me Breathless (Ross Siblings, #3) - Cherrie Lynn Umm... I liked it but not as much as Rock Me. I struggled with the first part of it, it just didn't flow as easy as I would have liked but it did get better towards the end. Ghost is a very complex character and am still a bit "intimidated" by him. I was very surprised with Macy, her transformation or should I say her revelation wasn't something I expected. I had this preconceived idea of her from the second book as a stuck-up bitch but she proved me wrong. I loved how she didn't play games and cut straight to the chase. It took me longer than usual to finish this book but I was very happy with ending... dare I mention ..ehem..very happy to have Brian back....now he's someone I'm not "intimidated" by...sorry Ghost!