Code Red

Code Red - Amy Noelle Love at first sight!!!Code Red was invented back in college when Nic and one of her soon to be best friend were two timed by a Greek God, all looks and obviously no scruples. The idea behind it was that if you met someone and were in risk of getting too involved you'd call Code Red and your friends will come to the rescue. It sounds good in principle but it didn't do our poor Nic any favours. Over the years, while two of her friends found their true love and settled in happy married lives, she jumped from one meaningless one night stand to another. Yes, you've read that right. She completely cut the emotional aspect in any endeavours she had with the opposite sex. In fact she only pursued helpless cases and losers, this was to prevent her for getting emotionally attached and consequently hurt. Yep, a self destruct button from the moment go. But while this has been working fine for her so far, giving her a reputation of being easy , it is not what she really wants deep down.So one day, whilst at work and fighting the boredom she start compiling a list praising all the virtues of BOB (Battery Operated Boyfriend) and pros and cons compared to a real boyfriend. This is a long and very descriptive list and if you look at it very carefully you'd see that's she really craves intimacy and a real relationship even though she doesn't know it and won't accept it. As she is about to send it to one of her best friends in comes Mr Gorgeous, a new guy from NY who's going to take over a new and lucrative project. This is the beginning of many embarrasing moments, did he or didn't he catch her sending a private email but most importantly did he read its contents?There is an instant attraction between Nic and Josh, you could see the sparks fly. He's sexy, confident and has great sense of humour. What's more he's going to be working very closely with her, as in a secluded office with just the two of them. This calls for immediate Code Red! Her friends are hilarious and a bunch of fun, but also very supportive of her and they want what's best for her. In this case Josh! He is everything she really wants in a man, everything she needs, but having had her emotions switched off a very long time she doesn't know how. Considering that she doesn't even date there is a lot for her to learn. It is very difficult to come out of her comfort zone.But thank god for Josh. I loved him for his unrelenting persistence. In fact that was his best feature and added to his sex appeal . Why can men in real life be so forward and open to feelings?Josh is a true gentleman, he puts up with her "neurotic" behaviour. I liked the way he coaxed her into the right direction with patience and love.I'd recommend this book to anyone who's looking for a romantic comedy and a pick me up with the right amount of fun, drama and heat. There is a lot of sizzling chemistry, good humour and great banter. What more can you want? Well I know what I want, I want scrap that, I need a Joshua for myself.Go on, pick up this book and read it, you'll enjoy it.