Love Love

Love Love - Beth Michele “Dear Gabby,It’s been fifteen days of no special coffee for you. I was afraid you might be going through withdrawal. Although it can’t be nearly as bad as the withdrawal I’m going through without you. I miss you, baby.Brad” What can I say? I'm in love with Brad. He's on top of my list of book boyfriends, the most romantic and poetic of them all. I'm not going to write a review and go into details, you just need to read the book and meet him. Just to give you a taste here are my favourite Brad quotes: “It’s almost like you opened up a window that I’ve been banging against for so long…screaming and clawing and trying to get out. Yet, that day you walked into my shop, you simply opened the latch and I poured out. Every bit of my heart and soul was exposed. I wasn’t scared. I’m not scared with you.”----------- “You’re not ready for me yet, as much as I wish like hell you were. But I’m patient. I’d wait forever to be the one who gets to hold your heart.”.-----------“I spy with my little eye, something that is so beautiful, it leaves me breathless."Swallowing hard, I take a deep breath and answer, "Trump Towers?" When I turn my head to look at him, I see serious brown eyes staring back at me."Nope... you.” ----------“I’ve been wondering something all night.” My eyes go wide. “Have you ever been kissed by a superhero before?” My mouth won’t move, so I simply shake my head back and forth. His eyes are burning up my lips as he breathes, “because you’ve never been truly kissed until you’ve been kissed by a superhero.”